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Delivering an online digital platform to engage a healthcare education community  

Royal Liverpool Academy - iPad

The Client

The Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust (RLBUHT) controls Royal Liverpool University Hospital, Broadgreen Hospital and Liverpool University Dental Hospital. The trust employs 788 doctors and won the National EHealth Insider Award in the category of “Outstanding work in IT-enabled change in healthcare” for their project titled “First UK IT Enabled Hospital Case Management System” in October 2012.   

Blueprint was invited to work with the RLBUHT’s Medical Education Directorate to deliver an integrated online platform for the Royal Liverpool Academy (RLA) to engage and showcase the facilities and high-quality healthcare education, which the department provides to both staff and students at the hospital, including library services, events and conferences.   

The Challenge   

The current web pages designed for the RLA site were inadequate and not fit-for-purpose for the services which the Department needed to offer. The current system was difficult to maintain and required knowledge of Sharepoint 2007, which can be cumbersome and difficult to use. There were no facilities for event-booking. It was crucial that the new website would be able to promote optimum staff and student engagement and provide a fully integrated information portal.   

The Solution  

Working alongside the RLBUHT, Blueprint designed and developed a website that catered to different stakeholders and for both staff and students at the trust. Through a bespoke design it consistently reinforced the RLA brand identity. In line with NHS regulations, the new fully responsive website adhered to the web accessibility standards set out by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), working across a range of desktop and mobile devices, whilst still being visually appealing. 

Blueprint was able to provide an interactive and engaging website with the ability to be fully managed by the user. The RLA website needed to be delivered in an interactive and engaging way. Blueprint provided a self-sustaining solution that included, both an educational interface, and a robust CMS. Other features included an enhanced archiving capacity, solid search facility, document & media management. The introduction of the EventBrite system, facilitated easy booking, although the Education Service have yet to utilise this aspect of the website. Fully interactive process management tools, included automatic upgrades to the latest software/CMS version. 

The Results 

RLA now have an educational website to engage and train staff and students. Despite the wealth of information, the site is intuitive and easy to navigate, enabling search for historical documentation and content. It is a user-friendly system for sharing information, such as policies, procedures and news. The fully integrated events-booking system will allow staff and students to be able to sign up for key events at the click of a button. Paper-based forms have been replaced with electronic versions, saving time and creating a better user experience. The directory of project participants is now accessible on the website and links to partner systems and agency websites are also accessible. All user activity is tracked using Google Analytics for continuous review and improvement.   

Blueprint’s solution has enabled Royal Academy Liverpool to deliver its aim to provide excellence in healthcare education.  

"The Royal Liverpool Academy is the academic centre of the organisation. Its aim is to provide high quality healthcare education by deriving this from the high quality research that is produced and clinical services that are delivered from within our Trust. Courses are delivered not only locally or nationally but also with international partners."

Professor Arpan Guha, Associate Medical Director/Director of Medical Education

Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust 

I’m impressed with how easy it is to update content using the Umbraco Content Management System, any new items appear published at the click of a button! I like the fact that certain documents can be marked as ‘members only’ and therefore only accessible by staff & students logging in to the ‘private members login’ area on the home page. This means that we can make any documents containing student names such as placement timetables or rotations confidential … not accessible to the outside world. Also, having the website adjust or resize itself for use on mobile devices is also another excellent feature, meaning our staff & students can have access to pertinent medical information ‘in the palm of their hand’ so to speak.

Angela Hall

Library Service Manager (RLBUH) & content editor for the RLA website


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